Spirituality + Elevating My Relationship Status


I recently attended a campus bible study on the topic of having a relationship with Christ. This is such an important topic to me because the word relationship is often thrown around in terms of spirituality but not reflected through action. This can cause a bit of confusion as to what an intimate relationship with Christ even looks like. I began to think about this, even more, when the bible study leader asked a question along the lines of “Are you a one night stander or a bride of Christ?” That question was so real for me because I can so relate to being that one night stander who only pursued Christ in my time of need.

As a millennial, I know too well the concept of instant gratification and wanting things to happen immediately; without putting in the necessary time, work and effort. Spirituality can easily fit under the word instant gratification as we sometimes focus only on what we need at the moment and run away from long-term commitment. (Has anyone else had this problem? Cause I sure have.)  Many of us are one night standers in our relationship with Christ. We want instant answers and saving in our trials; yet, as soon as that struggle period is over we go back to life as usual, neglecting our savior. Is that really a relationship?

Imagine if you had a significant other and the only time they called you was at 2 am to come over? How would that make you feel? I know I would not be having that, he better call me during business hours; 9am-5pm honey! The fact that I even say that is a reason to praise God for his grace because he does not respond how I would. God still answers that 2 am call because he is longing for our attention and he wants to talk to us no matter the situation. He wants to know how we are feeling, what troubles us, what our day was like and so much more. I don’t know about you but I no longer want to abuse God’s grace. I want to call on him in all situations at all times, not only when I am struggling. I want to grow with him in every step of my life; all day, every day 24/7. In order to have that real relationship with Christ, I have to put in the effort and upgrade my package from one night stander to Bride.

Isaiah 54:5 NIV says, “For your maker is your husband; the lord almighty is his name! The holy one of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all earth.” This means that I am the bride of Christ and so are you. In order to be a bride, you must first have a relationship, a covenantal bond. To me, this looks the same as any earthly relationship. When I’m interested in someone I want to know eveeerryything about them, literally lol. What did their past look life, how do they feel now, what do they see in their future? I want to know what they like so I can do more of that and what they dislike so I can stray away from it. When you truly like or even love someone you want to connect and relate to them on a deeper level. Am I right?

This is what a relationship with Christ looks like to me. A deep intimacy that can only be achieved by spending time getting to know him through his word, the holy bible. And also, taking advantage of the open access to communication through prayer. In a relationship, I want to spend as much time with my partner and this should be the same in my relationship with such a faithful God. If we can take time to cultivate this type of relationship with earthly people, why not strive for this level of intimacy with our creator who is always available and will never fail us? One night stands are easy and distant, let’s step up our intimacy and truly commit so that we can elevate our relationship status!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what a spiritual relationship looks like to you. 🙂




6 thoughts on “Spirituality + Elevating My Relationship Status

  1. Hey D,
    I finally came around to reading your blog and it really spoke to me. Thanks for the reminder. This message needs to be shared with other sisters (and brothers) as well in the Christian community. Looking forward to your next blog 😉


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