Worship Wednesday


I don’t know about you, but I looveee music. Ironically, one of the biggest struggles I’ve faced on my spiritual journey is discerning what music is “acceptable” for me to listen to. When I made the decision to come to Christ wholeheartedly I realized that I would have to let many things go (things that aren’t pleasing to God). This includes music that doesn’t align with the word of God.

People often tell me that it’s “not that real,” but to me, music is that real.

Music has the power to influence our mind, spirit, and even our behavior (whether you realize it or not.) I am a firm believer that the music we listen to can either plant positive or negative seeds in our heart. We have the power to control this by making conscious choices and listening to music that edifies our spirit rather than our flesh (sinful desires.)

85% of the time when I listen to music its worship music. Listening to worship music has become another way for me to connect with God. Worship is such an intimate and vulnerable space and that’s what makes it so amazing. It helps me refocus my heart on Christ and it is a constant reminder that my Father is by my side.

Here are 15 of my current worship faves:

“Though You Slay Me” by Shane & Shane

                              “Glimmer In the Dust” by Hillsong United

“Even When It Hurts” by Hillsong United

                           “May A Way” by Travis Greene

                            “Gracious Tempest” by Hillsong Young & Free

  “Psalm 23” by Shane & Shane

                                          “Hills & Valleys” by Tauren Wells

“My Worship” by Phil Thompson

“Potter & Friend” by Dante Bowe

                       “The Call” by Isabel Davis

 “Yearn” by Shane & Shane

“Clean” by Natalie Grant

“Fullness” by Elevation Worship

“The Anthem” by Todd Dulaney

             “Like Oil” by We Will Worship

                  Hope You Listen And Enjoy! Leave Your Favorite Worship Song Below. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Worship Wednesday

    1. Try something like “Shine A Light” by Elevation Worship , “Intentional” by Travis Greene or “Evidence” by Asha Elia. Not to sure if they’re groovy, let me know lol.


  1. This is a topic that needs to be discussed more in my opinion. I know many Christians that don’t “struggle”… they’ve allowed their soul to be fed by the world with ease (it’s not even a tug of war anymore). It’s always a good place to be when you still feel conviction. How sweet it is to know that the Holy Spirit is an advocate even when our flesh is trying us!

    I’m not someone that completely omits secular music (for instance, i’ll still listen to a Lauryn Hill album, etc.) at this point in my walk however it took me grace and wisdom to get to a space where I can discern when to omit and discard anything that is negatively feeding my soul.

    Let’s continue to have more conversations like this in our circles, it’s necessary.


  2. Since this post, I’ve been a bit more discerning about what secular music is “okay” so I’m probably at 60% Christian music as that is my foundation and maybe 40% secular music lol. I always try to use wisdom to make sure that anything I let into my space is feeding my spirit rather than negatively impacting it. And yes, these conversations are so necessary, simple but necessary. Thanks for reading 💗


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