To the Sweetest Sister

Today is March 7th and it is a VERY special day. Right about now I bet you’re wondering what makes today more significant than any other one, well, 15 years ago today my baby sister was born.

The first five years of my life were pretty lonely and I continually begged my parents for a sibling, their response to me was always, “pray to God about it,” well I guess my prayers worked because I’m no longer an only child, and I haven’t been for a while.

If you know me, you know that my sister Danielle and I are like two peas in a pod. Regardless of our 5-year age gap, we still manage to be each other’s best friend, psychiatrist, shopping partner, hair stylist, and sooo much more; basically, if you see me know that she’s not too far behind. In honor of her birthday, I’ll be writing 15 reasons why I love/ appreciate her because I’m just that cheesy.

This one is for you Love Bug! 💕

  1. I love you because you always have my back, the true definition of “ride or die.”
  2. I appreciate that you’re honest with me, and you never hesitate to tell me when I’m looking crazy.
  3. I love that you hold me accountable whenever I tell you I’m going to do something (sometimes I’m like blah blah blah, leave me alone, but that accountability is essential for a person like me, so never ever stop.)
  4. I appreciate that you wake me up in the morning. This may sound like a pretty simple task but with me, it definitely isn’t, I am literally the hardest person to wake up. You’re a trouper!
  5. I love the way you pursue your relationship with God, you inspire me!
  6. I appreciate that you take my pictures for me, even though you’re the laziest person ever lol. Y’all, she gives me a two-picture limit, like what is that! We always end up negotiating and I generally end up with at least five photos, and that’s before the deletion process.
  7. I love how outspoken you are, you always stand up for yourself (+ me,) I admire that about you.
  8. I appreciate the fact that you always support me, regardless of how crazy my ideas sound sometimes, whether you agree with me or not, you always support. You’re the bomb!
  9. I Love when you come to me for advice, never ever stop.
  10. I appreciate the fact that we only allow each other to stay upset over something for a short period of time. Life is too short for the silly disagreements and it gets boring when we aren’t being friends.
  11. I love the fact that you bring out my silly/ crazy side (I’m a different person when it’s just us,) we seriously deserve a reality tv show, it would be hilarious.
  12. I appreciate that you share your clothes with me (she has this artsy chic style going on and sometimes I just wanna be down lol.)
  13. I loooovvvve your work ethic! This is the future valedictorian we’re talking about.
  14. I appreciate how thoughtful you are of others.
  15. And finally, I love our relationship; I would never change it for the world.


To end this, I’ll just say that I can’t picture a life without you, and I never want to. I am so grateful that God blessed you with another year, and I hope that we will spend many more years of fun together. Stress less, enjoy yourself, work hard and continue being your sweet, silly self. You make my life worthwhile! Happy happy birthday Danny! Love you to the moon and back. *inserts all the virtual kisses possible* 😘




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