Working On That Inner Glow

 💌the sixteenth of August💌


This poem, these words are so lovely and they resonate with me on many levels. As a young Christian, especially one who shares parts of my life on the internet, I sometimes feel like I’m expected to be “perfect.” But the reality is I’m not perfect, I’m human. The Bible tells us that we all sin and fall short of Gods standard (Romans 3:23,) however that doesn’t mean to settle in sin. Walking with Christ does not mean that I’m suddenly a saint but rather a person whose given grace to pursue a holy life, daily. I am so flawed. I get frustrated frequently and my temper is not cute, I often choose comfort over my calling, sometimes I go days without opening my bible and I’m literally the queen of isolating myself from others. Though this list could continue for days, what trumps this list is my love for Jesus. Or better yet His love for me.  A love that convicts me to work on my flaws not only so so that my actions would match my words but so my actions would match God’s word. My intention is not perfection but to become a woman who authentically lives for Jesus while loving on others and attaining an inner light that shines outwardly to everyone I encounter. 

 Moral of the story: The Pursuit of Holiness>Perfection


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