Working On That Inner Glow

 💌the sixteenth of August💌 This poem, these words are so lovely and they resonate with me on many levels. As a young Christian, especially one who shares parts of my life on the internet, I sometimes feel like I’m expected to be “perfect.” But the reality is I’m not perfect, I’m human. The Bible tells … Continue reading Working On That Inner Glow

Seeking Discipline

Why do we take comfort in sweeping our issues under the rug rather than sitting down, attacking them and successfully moving on? For me it's the ease of not having to worry about issues because they're out of sight; out of sight out of mind, right? Or better yet because sometimes I'm just lazy. Regardless … Continue reading Seeking Discipline

Personal Conviction vs Biblical Truth

  When we decide to grow deeper with Christ there is often another C word that enters the process, that word is conviction. According to the dictionary, a conviction is a belief or opinion that is held firmly. As Christians, we sometimes confuse our personal convictions with Biblical truth.  In doing so, we impose our … Continue reading Personal Conviction vs Biblical Truth